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Sun light benefits:
  • A new neurophysiological study reveals the profound changes that light deprivation causes in human brain.
  • Depression
  • Circadian rhythm sleep disorders (CRSD), neurons that produce nor-epinephrine, dopamine and serotonin, which are common neurotransmitters involved in emotion, pleasure and cognition, were observed in the process of dying.
  • An other research, revealed Sun’s ability to prevent some forms of cancer!
  • Exposure to sunlight can also benefit those suffering from nonseasonal depression, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and in pregnant women with depression, according to the Journal of Psychiatry & Neuroscience.
  • Anxiety-related disorders and panic attacks have also been linked with reduced sunlight.
  • Sunlight can stimulate the gland in the human brain to produce specific chemicals which is called tryptamines. These chemicals significantly improve our moods.
  • Exposure to sunlight can help women alleviate symptoms of PMS, such as depression, mood swings, physical discomfort, social withdrawal and irritability.
  • Besides, sun exposure also reduces adrenaline for relieving stress and producing endorphins for comfort and happiness.

This thing, is what keeps your walls dry and keeps most of the rain water, off your foundation!
As water is a good conductor, it will augment your buildings heat exchange.
It will find all the small shims, get in and freeze, during cold times. Expanding them every time the temperature is getting sub-zero!
I will wash the soil off the foundations underlay, creating voids and destabilizing it!

To keep it at a safe distance, gutters are used. Which are a good solution, when functional.
But, time-to-time, they are getting clogged with leaves and other debris and got to be cleaned!
Window Cleaning service:

3$ per section side + 40$

*for example: the picture on the left, has 2 sections A common family house has, around, 36 window sections. Outside, window cleaning service quote, for such, is calculated in the following way: 36 x 3 + 40 = 148$.

Pressure Wash:

0.05$ per square foot + 40$
* For example: A 2500sqft, one storey, house:
  • Has 4 50ft x 12ft sides
  • 200ft x 1ft walk-way, around it
  • 400sqft dry-way
  • 200sqft patio
It all comes to ( 4 x 50 x 12 + 200sqft + 400sqft + 200sqft ) x 0.05 + 40 = 200$

Gutters / Eaves-troughs and Downspouts:
0,60$ per Eaves-troughs linear foot + 40$, for cleaning them
Downspouts are, usually clean. But, if they are got to be done, they are 3$ per lin'foot.

* For example, A 2500sqft, one storey, house:

  • Has one 50ft gutter on two sides
  • 10ft over the main entrance
It comes to ( 2 x 50ft + 10ft) x 0.60 + 40 = 106$